Wedding Cakes and Other Conflicts

Wedding Cake for blog

When I was getting married, the first bakery I visited refused to make my wedding cake.

That’s because I wanted chocolate. The folks at this bakery did make chocolate cakes and they did make wedding cakes, but they refused to make me a chocolate wedding cake.

Guess they were anti “chocolate cake weddings.”

According to what I’ve read about other people suing over a bakery refusing to make a cake for a gay “wedding,” I too should have sued. After all, (so the reasoning goes) the bakery exists to serve the public, of which I am a member. They made chocolate cakes for other occasions. But they refused to make one for my wedding. That is, they did not refuse a bake a cake for me as a person but because of the event I wanted it for.

All this uproar about bakeries and other business refusing to service gay “weddings” got me thinking about the dilemma of being caught between God’s law and man’s law.

It’s nothing new. Roman law once demanded that you offer a pinch of incense to Caesar, thus worshipping him. The penalty for refusal was death. St. Thomas More was imprisoned, then executed for refusing to recognize Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the Church in England.

It’s man stepping in to override the law made by God Almighty.

This conflict can, in fact, be traced all the way back to a certain garden and the forbidden fruit of a certain tree. If (so the reasoning goes) you eat the fruit, you will become a god, deciding for yourself what is good and what is evil! Forget God’s laws! Make your own!

And we’re still doing that today.

Nowadays your livelihood can be threatened by this, but in the past it was your actual life.

I have great respect for those who refuse the forbidden fruit and instead obey God’s law.

As for the bakery that would not serve me, that was their business, and they had the right to run it the way they wanted, even if I think—as I do—that their reason was totally unreasonable.

I of course merely found a bakery willing to make the cake I wanted. I also found, to my delight, that this other business would include Bavarian cream as a filler (yum, yum!).

So I ended up with a better cake (see the picture above) and the bakery that refused me for such a silly reason lost my business.

In both cases, that was our prerogative.


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I am the author of four Christian novels: Rain from Heaven, Amaranth, Nearer the Dawn and Cherish.
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