May Lightning Strike Me If I’m Lying!

Lightning for blog

Don’t you hate it when you’re telling the truth and nobody will believe you?

Like one time when I was a teen. I happened to step onto our porch during a terrific rainstorm, and a bolt of lightning hit the street right in front of me. I actually felt a whoosh of electricity and all the hairs on my body stood up.

Boy, was I glad that was a covered porch.

I stepped back inside and informed my siblings “Hey! Lightning just struck the street outside!”

I was immediately accused of lying. I was delusional, I was told, and just trying to call attention to myself. My description of what had happened fell on deaf ears.

You’d think the flash of light coming at the same time as the cannon of thunder would have been a clue I was telling the truth. Yet, somehow they could tell I was supposedly lying, even though I was the one who had been on the porch and they weren’t.

Similarly, I am rather thunderstruck (pun intended) by anti-Catholics who claim they know your faith better than you do. When, after an accusation that you worship Mary you plead that you do no such thing, you are immediately told “You lie!” Claim you don’t have to believe the pope when he’s talking about science, and once again you’re told “You lie!”

But what’s most amazing is the charge that Catholics don’t read the Bible. If you point out that at your last Sunday Mass there were four scripture readings, you’re told “You lie!” It doesn’t matter if you type out the readings or even if you send the anti-Catholic a scan of the list in your parish bulletin. Somehow he knows what happened (or in this case, supposedly didn’t happen) during Mass even better even than the folk who were actually there.

What can you do with a person like that? Not much, I’m afraid. How can a discussion take place if one of the parties simply refuses to believe the other one, regardless of what he says?

I admit sometimes I’m tempted to give such a person the Liar Paradox by saying “This statement is false” and wait for him to claim “You lie!” Because, of course, if the sentence is false, the statement must be true, but then it must be false, so it must be true . . . .

Anyway, I finally got one of my sisters to believe me about the lightning.

It only took me pointing out decades later that I had no reason to lie about it now.


About ajavilanovels

I am the author of four Christian novels: Rain from Heaven, Amaranth, Nearer the Dawn and Cherish.
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