Relative Size

Bathtub for blog

One thing small children have trouble understanding is relative size. For example, my older daughter, when a toddler, always insisted I take her out of the bathtub before pulling the plug. She was terrified that she, like the water, would go down the drain.

I showed her one of her bath toys and asked her if it was bigger or smaller than she was. She admitted it was smaller. So I demonstrated for her that the toy could not go down the drain—even if I tried to squeeze it in there, it wasn’t going to disappear down the hole and be forever lost.

My pleas were to no avail. She just couldn’t grasp the concept and continued to insist on being removed from the tub before the plug.

Amazingly, I remember have trouble with this concept myself.

My parents had taken us to Disneyland shortly after the park opened. One of the rides we went on was the carousel. I absolutely loved it! So that Christmas, I asked Santa for a carousel.

Now, I had in mind a full-sized carousel, just like the one at Disneyland. I figured it would be under the tree when I woke up Christmas morn, and then we would put it into the backyard where I could ride it whenever I wanted. Imagine my disappointment when what I got was a toy carousel.

Apparently Santa was as confused about relative size as I was. I’d wanted a carousel I could ride on!

[SIDENOTE: I found out years later that my mother searched all over town for that toy carousel. What a shame, since all it did was lead to disappointment on my part.]

Of course kids, when their brains develop enough, finally grasp this concept about size.

However, there’s a concept about size that even adults can’t grasp.

We know God is greater than us, in fact, infinitely greater. So much greater, in fact, that we can’t grasp it.

Yet, somehow, we often have the audacity to tell Him we know better than He does, especially when we want to sin.

It’s something like a mote of dust saying it’s as big as a star. I say it’s “something” like that because, of course, the difference in size between us and God is infinitely greater than that between a mote and the sun.

The idea is humbling, as it should be.

And it is something we should keep in mind so we don’t go “down the drain” of sin.


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I am the author of four Christian novels: Rain from Heaven, Amaranth, Nearer the Dawn and Cherish.
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One Response to Relative Size

  1. Dena Kelley says:

    Good post. Made me remember when I was a kid- 3 or 4 years old- my dad worked in an older building and the elevator in it had a gap between the elevator car and the doors. I was terrified I would slip into that gap and get stuck. I would scream in terror when they took me in and out of the elevator. My understanding is that my dad actually influenced them to fix that.


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