Musical Notes for blog

The Sixties and Seventies were great decades for music. Back then, we kids usually had cheap transistor radios so we could listen to our favorite songs and disc jockeys for just the price of a 9 volt battery.

Some songs, though, had lyrics I couldn’t abide. One was “Imagine” by John Lennon, especially the first line: “Imagine there’s no heaven.” When the three surviving former Beatles were putting together a newer song—I think it was “Free as a Bird”—one of them stated that he was certain John was looking down on them from heaven.

Unfortunately, John not only imagined there was no heaven but tried to get others to do so as well. What happens to someone like that during his particular judgment I honestly don’t know, but I hope Lennon is in heaven. Who would want otherwise?

Another song I couldn’t stand, though, was “Lightnin’ Strikes.” In the lyrics a young man tells his girlfriend to be faithful to him while he cheats on her. After all, he’s a guy, and she should know “the makings of a man” and that “nature’s takin’ over my one-track mind.” It’s “hard to settle down” even if she is “in my heart all the time” (which would mean she’s in his heart while he’s making love to someone else). He just plain can’t resist temptation—”I can’t stop myself” he claims.  She should therefore be understanding and wait until he’s finished sowing his wild oats because “there’s a chapel” where, when he feels like getting around to it, he’ll give her “love forever” and “make up for all lost time.”

[SIDENOTE: Full lyrics here:

Yeah. Right.

You know, when you look at those lyrics, you’ve got to think that any girl who would fall for such nonsense is taking a bad ride on the Disoriented Express. Only a hypocritical jerk would demand someone be faithful while he cheats. If he truly loved her, like he claims, he would resist all such temptation.

Then again, how many people treat Jesus like the young man in the song treats his girlfriend?

How many expect God to stick around and be available while they’re unfaithful to Him? After all, Jesus is our Bridegroom, and He lovingly invites us to the Divine Nuptials. But how many of us want to cheat on Him by sinning until we feel ready to say “I do”? How many figure it’s something they’ll get around to eventually, like when the doctor gives a terminal diagnosis?

Amazingly, God loves us so much He does stick around for us. He actually is faithful while we cheat. More than that, as the Good Shepherd, He even goes searching for his lost sheep.

I worry, however, that by the time some folks decide to quit cheating and make themselves ready to accept his marriage proposal, it will too late.


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I am the author of four Christian novels: Rain from Heaven, Amaranth, Nearer the Dawn and Cherish.
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